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Why choose a Windows VPS?

Using a Windows VPS is as easy as using your home computer. Using the Remote Desktop Protocol, you can access and use the VPS in the same way as any Windows based computer, but having the liberty to do so from anywhere in the world.

Kept on a fully redundant NVMe storage solution, your VPS is fast and reliable.

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Multiple Windows versions

By having a wide variety of licensed Microsoft Windows versions available, you can pick an appropriate OS for your needs, whether you need a more user oriented experience or an enterprise server environment.

Windows Environment

By using a Windows based VPS, you have full access to the whole Windows ecosystem. You can leave your apps on nonstop, ready to be used instantly.

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Full Administrator Access

You will receive full acess with no limits to your Windows VPS, allowing you to run apps and install programs that require administrator access to any settings.

Dedicated Hardware

The resources allocated to your VPS are available at all times to be used as you please without having to pay extra for resources that you will never use.

Always-on desktop

By combining speed and reliability, we have created a remote solution based on Windows that can be used securely anywhere in the world without having to keep your data on unreliable computers or other storage devices.

You can work remotely from any environment, by having the comfort that your sensitive information will never leave the systems on which you have total control. By having an always on Windows VPS, everything is available and ready to be used within seconds.

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