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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your data center located?

Our data center is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, a European country located at the crossroads of many Tier 1 Internet backbone networks.

What is the delivery time for my VPS?

Your VPS will be automatically provisioned and delivered in a time frame between 3 minutes and 20 minutes for the Linux VPS and up to 30 minutes for the Windows VPS.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal and Bank Transfers.

Do you offer the option to pay with a Monthly Payment?

Yes, the Monthly Payment is the default payment period on our website. But if you choose to pay for a longer period of time, we give out great discounts for our loyal customers.

Is there a trial period or free VPS?

We do not offer any trial or free VPS, but we have a 3 days money-back guarantee for the first VPS in case you are not satisfied with your VPS.

Will you change my IP?

No, we will never change IPs. If your country / ISP blocks IPs or you plan on using the service in any way which will get you blocked, our services are not suitable for you and no refunds will be issued for such reasons.

Are your virtual servers part of a cloud?

Yes, our virtual servers are hosted on our cloud platform.

Can I upgrade my VPS?

Yes, our virtual machines can be upgraded, but please note that they can't be downgraded back. In order for you to upgrade your VPS, just visit the upgrade page in your VPS control panel on our website and select the desired upgrades.

How can I back up my data?

Our backup system will automatically create 2 backups of your VPS each week. You can also create manual backups. The limit is 2 automatic backups and 2 manual backups.

You are also advised to follow the 3:2:1 backup strategy and keep an additional backup somewhere else.

How can I change the OS on the VPS?

You can reinstall the OS from the control panel of the VPS.

What is the connection speed on my VPS?

Each VPS is featured with a 1Gbps shared connection speed. The speed is shared among all the users on the node and the guaranteed speed is 100Mbps.

Will I have the option to configure a firewall on my VPS?

Yes, we have a cloud firewall available free of charge, for all our VPS

How many IPs do I get?

You will get 1 IPv4 address and a /64 IPv6 subnet for each VPS. You can buy more IPv4 addresses if you wish.

What ports are open?

All the ports on our virtual machines are open.

What type of content can I host on my VPS?

Please read our Terms of Service to check what type of content is not allowed on our virtual servers.

Do you allow SPAM?

No, we do not allow nor condone SPAM. If you have received unsolicited emails from someone on our network, please open an abuse ticket or send an email with all the details at [email protected]

How can I access my linux VPS?

The VPS can be accessed via Putty where the VPS IP is inserted, default username is root and the password can be found on the VPS details page.

How can I access my Windows VPS?

The VPS can be accessed via RDP, the default username is Administrator and the password can be found on the VPS page. RDP is installed by default on all Windows installations, including your personal PC.

Can I pre-pay my services?

Of course, feel free to add funds to your account balance via the "Add funds" button in your "Invoices" menu and the payment will automatic.

Can I add more IPs to my VPS?

More IPs can be added via the "Upgrade" button in the VPS panel

Can I expand my VPS disk space?

You will need to upgrade the VPS package to a bigger one. Please keep in mind that downgrades are not possible.

I have selected the wrong operating system. What do I do?

Proceed to the "Reinstall" menu in the VPS panel. A wide selection of operating systems are available. Make sure to input your account password to validate the reinstall.

I made the wrong order. How do I cancel it?

Either you can select "Cancel" in your user panel or open a support ticket requesting this.

For some reason I'm not happy with my services, what can I do about it?

You can express your issues regarding your service by opening a support ticket. If you wish to skip this step and get a refund, mention this in the newly opened ticket.

How many servers can I order?

There is a limit of 5 servers for the 1CPU package per account. There are no limits for the other packages, but we reserve the right to impose limits if required.

Can I use a custom ISO image?

You can only use custom ISO images from our ISO library, you cannot use your own. We do not add older versions of the ISO images present on our website. If you need a different ISO image, it can be added to our library if you contact us, as long as it's free of charge and open source, but we do not offer any guarantees that the iso image you requested will be added.

Do you support nested virtualization?

No, we do not support nested virtualization.

I have a question that I did not find an answer here. What do I do?

Please contact us on ticket or live-chat to talk directly to one of our operators and they will further assist you with any question you might have.