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Have complete control over your business

Our modern whitelabel control panel makes it easy for you to become a reseller and offer your clients a great experience managing their VPS, completely independent of our website.
One key feature is the customization option, enabling you to add your own logo and change the colors to make it match your brand.

Each VPS comes with a different username and password so it is easy for you to sell it yo your clients.

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Custom logo & colors

By using your company logo and changing the colors you make your brand more recognizable, increasing your trust.

Whitelabel IPs

You can have the IP addresses registered with your own business name on the whois records so they appear like you own them.

Mobile frendly

Mobile usage has increased dramatically over the years, we made our whitelabel VPS control panel fully responsive so your clients can use it on the go.

VPS servers

Your custom domain

Make your brand even more recognizable by using your custom web domain with our simple reverse proxy option.

Full control

We are offering your clients the abilities to start, reboot or stop their VPS as well as other nice features like usage graphs, web based console, backups or even completely reinstall the VPS.

Free API access

You can take it even further by using our free to use API to completely integrate the ordering process, allowing your clients to order and manage their VPS directly on your website.


Order a VPS

By ordering a VPS, either directly from our website or using our free to use API, you will automatically have access to our resellers page where you can find a unique username/password combination for each VPS.

Give the credentials to your client

By giving the credentials to your client you are giving them access to the whitelabel VPS control panel, making them able to manage the VPS completely independent from our website.

Make it fit your brand

Our whitelabel panel is customizable, allowing you to change the logo and the colors to make it match your brand.
You can even use your own domain so your customers never leave your website.

Use your own whois details

For a €50 EUR/month fee, we can provide you IPs with your own whois details (requires an initial 1000 EUR deposit that can be used to buy services). This way your customers will see your own business name when they make a whois query and your brand recognition increases.

This feature is FREE for resellers who have over 100 VPS servers with us and has had them for over 3 months.

To get started simply order a VPS or use one that you already own to access the "Resellers" page inside the VPS control panel.

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