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Apache Cassandra is a distributed noSQL database system which can handle massive data sets across multiple servers.

Open Source
Unfortunately, this application is no longer part of our offer.

What is Cassandra in the cloud?

A free and open source software, Cassandra from Apache is designed with scalability in mind. Able to handle large amounts of data across multiple node clusters, Cassandra provides high availability with no single point of failure and with asynchronous masterless replication permitting low latency operations for all clients. Cassandra is a Java-based system that can be managed and monitored via Java Management Extensions (JMX). Cassandra is the most popular wide column store and it is used by many users, such as WallMart, Cisco, Apple, Facebook and Netflix.

Why to use Cassandra Cloud Hosting solutions ?

Instant setup

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We only use the latest version of the Cassandra in our cloud hosting.


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You get the same software stack and configuration regardless of the platform you are deploying Cassandra to. - Instant One-click Cassandra cloud web hosting