VPSAG.com has launched new packages with ISPmanager

After thorough research and trying to improve the experience of our clients, based on the feedback given by our customers, we have decided to build a new VPS solution for web-hosting needs.

We are glad to announce that starting this month; you can purchase an ISPmanager Lite based VPS with just 7 EURO per month. When compared to the regular price of the ISPmanager license which is 4 EURO per month, this VPS is basically a bargain as it includes the software, the license, the hardware and software resources, but with everything ready to go, without the need to configure anything.
If you decide to go for the ISPmanager Business VPS, this can be purchased at the price of 12 EURO per month, which is basically the license price if it would have been purchased directly from them, and you get the VPS for free.

Furthermore, the price can be lowered even more, by purchasing any of the ISPmanager VPS packages with a longer billing cycle, such as three months, six months or one year, and you receive a month for free, in the form of a lower overall price for the allocated time period. Please note that this offer is valid only for the first billing cycle of the ISPmanager packages and will only be valid for VMs bought until the 15 of September.

With a carefully crafted web interface, ISPmanager is one of the leading web hosting control panels available commercially today on the Internet.

ISPmanager is able to support a wide variety of usage patterns and needs, but also plays nicely with a wide range of 3rd party software enabling customers to use it for many purposes, the most common being web servers (Apache HTTP Server and Nginx), database servers (MySQL and PostgreSQL), mail servers (Sendmail, Exim, Postfix) and other related software available through a unified WEB UI.

Through the usage of its open API, clients can develop and launch new solutions, with complete billing and documentation available in multiple languages.

If you are looking for a powerful web hosting solutions at an entry-level price, our ISPmanager VPS is the perfect solution for you. It has powerful features that can’t be found at shared web hosting providers, and are usually encountered with dedicated servers, but at a higher financial cost, with ISPmanager preinstalled, intuitive software with an accessible interface , perfect for all kinds of users, from just starting to more experienced users that know the value of a solution such as ISPmanager, and are looking to build a quick but reliable web hosting solution.

Basically, this is a long term software solution which you can scale up, by just using the same software solution, but just upgrading the hardware resources whenever the current solution is becoming insufficient. You can start with just one website and add more, without having to do any significant changes in the software configuration.

Of course, you are not required to start with the bare minimum resources and you can add more to suit your needs right from the start, by going to VPSag.com and ordering a VPS with ISPmanager from VPSAG.COM.

VPSAG.COM, building smart VPS solutions for your needs!