Upgrade to a complete VPS hosting solution with Plesk

After a few years in the hosting business, we have managed to gather quite an extensive experience in regards to the needs and usage required by each customer type. In light of this, we have decided to launch a new hosting product, which is a complete VPS solution with Plesk, one of the most popular commercial web hosting platform with a control panel.

This solution is aimed at customers who are in need of a small or medium hosting environment, from a single website up to 100 websites per VPS, if the hardware requirements are fulfilled.

Plesk is an extremely versatile product, which can be run on Windows, Linux or in the Cloud, with the extra ability to migrate websites native from one environment to another, for that extra flexibility needed when switching hosting providers.

By using a web based interface, any user can set up new websites, create reseller accounts, host e-mail servers and manage DNS entries.

Highly modularized, anyone can create client and website templates, which can reduce the work needed to get a website online and running up to 95%, through predefined resources and settings.

With support for a wide variety of CMS software such as WordPress, the number one blogging software used in the world, which according to a recent study, is running over 50% of the websites online on the internet. Other CMS software that are compatible with Plesk are Joomla, Drupal and so on.

Plesk can also be used with web software intended for development, such as git, Docker, but also as a development environment framework for Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and so on.

When the topic of monitoring comes to mind, Plesk exceeded expectations and performs great with dozens of websites and hundreds of services monitored simultaneously.

With Plesk license prices starting at 10 USD per month, buying a VPS from is a better deal, as you can get a VPS at just 15 EURO, which will include the license, hardware resources, but will also have everything setup, which means you don’t have to put extra work in doing it.

We offer 3 Plesk versions for our Plesk based VPS:
Plesk Admin – 10 Domains
Plesk Pro – 30 Domains
Plesk Host – Unlimited Domains

Furthermore, each VPS can be further customized, as all our VPS packages, which means that you can order extra hardware resources, such as storage, RAM memory, CPU cores, change the OS, bandwidth or extra backups.

With the IT environment heading towards automation, having Plesk as your web hosting control panel makes our customers the early adopters towards the future of tech and web hosting automation.

Launch yourself into the future and order a VPS with Plesk now!